What We Do

Acquisition of established, revenue-producing businesses and assets at fair market value is a component of Waséyabek Development Company’s (WDC) growth strategy. If you have a business or asset that you would like to sell, we would like to hear from you. Please reach out to us on our Get in Touch page and we will respond with a determination of interest. Criteria that make an opportunity attractive for WDC includes: 


A. Owning a Business in One of Our Target Industries:*

  1. Defense
  2. Medical
  3. Real Estate
    * Please feel free to submit a business outside of these industries.

B. Located in One of the Following Areas:

  1. Commercial – Great Lakes Region
  2. Federal – Nationwide

C. Other:

  1. EBITDA: $3 – 10 MM
  2. Solid company reputation
  3. Strong company leadership
  4. Aligned mission, vision and values
  5. Speculative, high-risk investments or companies with negative environmental impact are excluded from consideration

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