WDC President and CEO, Deidra Mitchell, Speaks at NCAIED Reservation Economic Summit

Mar 9, 2018

On Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, Waséyabek Development Company, LLC (WDC) President and CEO, Deidra Mitchell, was asked to serve on a panel of experts at the NCAIED National Reservation Economic Summit (RES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The seminar, entitled “Economic Diversification – Expanding Beyond Single Revenue Sources,” was presented to a full room.

Ms. Mitchell educated the room on the most essential elements of a successful economic diversification strategy as well as WDC’s successes in implementing that plan. After the presentation, many representatives of various Tribes located throughout Indian Country approached her with specific questions, requesting advice related to their own efforts in economic diversification.

“The RES Conference is the single, largest annual gathering of Tribes dedicated to economic growth and collaboration,” Ms. Mitchell said. “To be asked to speak was an opportunity to share our experiences with other Tribes, set Waséyabek at the forefront of economic diversification, and promote the products and services of our recent acquisitions. The presentation was well received, and I look forward to cultivating new friendships and partnerships.”

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