WDC Expands Headquarters to Third Floor of Kendall Building

Nov 12, 2020

Waséyabek Development Company (WDC) is continuing its mission of contributing to the long-term sustainability and economic self-sufficiency of the NHBP Tribe.

WDC is investing in growth to help support the Tribe for the next seven generations.

WDC’s headquarters, located in the historic Kendall building, expanded its office to the third floor, doubling its office space to accommodate the growing business and additional staff.

The additional space accommodates five private offices, eight height-adjustable open offices, a kitchen, and a large 20-seat boardroom with connected breakout space.

WDC would like to thank Camie Castaneda from NHBP Culture & Membership Services for providing the traditional smudging of the third floor prior to its official opening.

To learn more and view a full photo gallery of the new space, please visit the Custer’s highlight of the project: Custer Projects | Waséyabek Development Company (custerinc.com)

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