Gun Lake Investments (“GLI”), Waséyabek Development Company (“Waséyabek”), and Rockford Property Management, a division of Rockford Construction (“Rockford”), today announced a new look at the historic McKay Tower, showcasing a rebranded website and interior and outdoor signage. The rebranding was launched by the new building owners and management to honor the historical relevance of the building and its new Tribal owners, showcase the many offerings it provides and preserve its impact for years to come.

The new logo symbolizes the significance of the tower by using a combination of purposeful shapes and serif letterforms that create a central pillar. The new branding will be integrated across the entire McKay Tower experience, including its residential, retail, events, and business arms.

Originally constructed in 1914, the building has served as a pillar of the community in downtown Grand Rapids for several generations. Over the years, McKay Tower has undergone numerous renovations as it has grown with the city – evolving from a four-story building into its current 18-floor stature.

Because of that history, the shapes in the new logo were designed with the intention of making the letters “MK” a discovery, reflecting the experience of discovering the building.

“Like the building itself, the tribes we represent have deep roots and economic influence in Grand Rapids that date back centuries and we are proud to honor that history with this rebranding project,” said Deidra Mitchell, CEO and President of Waséyabek. “This was a team effort that resulted in a clean, modern look that we think will serve the Tower well for years to come.”

McKay Tower, located adjacent to Rosa Parks Circle, was purchased in 2020 through a co-investment by the economic development arms of two Native American Tribes, Gun Lake Investments and Waséyabek.

“McKay Tower represents more than a century of Grand Rapids’ history, and preserving its significance in the area was a top priority for us when we partnered with Waséyabek in 2020 to acquire the building,” said Monica King, CEO of GLI. “We believe this refreshed look still honors all that McKay Tower has been for the Grand Rapids community, while also giving it revitalization for continued impact to the community for years to come. We are very pleased with the rebranding, as both owners and a tenant.”

Rockford has overseen all management services of the 160,000 square-foot building’s residential and commercial spaces since 2020.

 “GLI and Waséyabek have been incredible stewards for McKay Tower,” said Monica Steimle App, executive vice president of property management at Rockford. “This rebranding effort is just one of many examples of their commitment to elevating our city. The new brand signifies a special milestone in the building’s history, and we’re grateful to share it with such passionate and prominent partners.”

To learn more about McKay Tower’s history and view the new branding, visit


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