Baker Engineering Sponsors GVSU School of Engineering Senior Capstone Program Award Winning Team

Aug 21, 2019

Baker Engineering, LLC, a subsidiary of Waséyabek Development Company, LLC, sponsored a team of mechanical and electrical engineers for the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) School of Engineering Senior Capstone Program. This team of engineering students was tasked with designing and building a small engine altitude testing apparatus capable of simulating altitudes from sea level to 20,000 feet. The project had a timeframe of seven months, kicking off in January and concluding the end of July.

Friday, August 2nd, GVSU hosted their Engineering Design Conference 2019. All of the teams presented their finished projects, and sponsors were invited to participate in the celebration event. Baker Engineering representatives Mark Dorner, Levi Roodvoets, and Noah Hopson received the Outstanding Industry Sponsor award in recognition of Baker’s dedication and commitment to the School of Engineering Senior Capstone Program.

“It was a team effort between the students and the team at Baker. The award is a reminder of the teamwork needed to make any project, especially one this challenging, a success,” Baker Senior Project Engineer, Levi Roodvoets, said about the award.

Noah Hopson, Project Engineer at Baker and graduate of GVSU, has firsthand experience with the capstone program from the sponsor and senior team positions. “I was lucky to have a challenging, multi-disciplinary project during my own capstone experience. I thought it was important to offer the same type of challenge and support as we discussed the possibility of sponsoring a project at GVSU that offered a real value for Baker Engineering. Some projects are lower priority or wishlist projects that may never see use, but we have real engine testing applications for our project as soon as it is delivered.”The GVSU senior team did a tremendous job from start to finish. They took home the most prestigious award – the Project of the Year. The team consisted of Brian Arcangeli, Olen Berezecky, Dylan Coolidge, Nathan Esch, Edward Whaley, and former Baker intern Grant Borregard. The team was guided by Baker’s engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of thermal-fluids and research and development. GVSU professors and lab supervisors also assisted and provided technical support. Overall, the contributions of the GVSU staff and sponsorship teams helped to set the 2019 capstone program apart from the rest.

Baker is proud to sponsor such a successful team, support GVSU’s capstone program, and mentor these young professionals into the workforce!

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