Deidra Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell graduated from Kent State University and has held several executive level positions including Executive VP of Business Development, COO, and CEO. About 25 years ago, she started her first company, which performed projects stretching from Ohio to California; and from Canada to Guam. Eight additional startup businesses followed and in 2006, she became acquainted with the advantages of doing business through Native American and Alaska Native Corporations.

Early in her career as a project manager, Ms. Mitchell began to study the relationship between people, processes, and profits, which is the foundation for her business model today. She has applied her observations to starting, growing, and gaining profitability for a variety of companies – including a national demolition and environmental division for a large Seattle-based Corporation; a private California Corporation validating a new technology in the environmental clean-up industry; an importing company that bought and sold handicrafts from Indonesia; and an Alaska Native IT & Communications company that performs government projects. Most recently, she was involved in the startup of an e-commerce company offering technical documents as well as a construction manufacturing company holding three newly patented products. Ms. Mitchell attributes her multi-industry success to retaining quality employees focused on customer satisfaction; supporting them well; providing them with effective and flexible policies; communicating clear goals; and responsibly allocating resources.

Life outside of work includes nature, hiking, mosaic art, traveling, pets, fishing, writing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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