The NHBP has accomplished a great deal since federal reaffirmation in 1995. The Pine Creek Reservation has become a secure homeland that is quickly developing into a first-class Tribal community with a beautiful Government Center, Department of Public Works, Community & Health Center, energy-efficient homes, and Justice Center. Education, health, housing, and environmental programs continually strive to improve the Tribe’s quality of life. Despite these recent developments, the Reservation still retains its rural flavor, with unspoiled forests, fields, and Pine Creek as a backdrop.

It is worth highlighting a few key dates over the last two decades:


The Tribe purchased a 155-acre parcel on “Q” Avenue 1.5 miles northwest of the reservation.


Construction of an administration building.


Road construction.


The first group of single family, energy-efficient homes were constructed.  NOTE: Before the construction of these homes, many of the homes remaining on the Pine Creek Reservation did not even have indoor plumbing.



An independent, Constitutional Tribal Judiciary was established.  The Tribal Judiciary consists of a trial-level court and a Tribal Supreme Court.  All of the Judges/Justices in the Tribal Judiciary are required to be law-trained attorneys.


  • A new Community Center and Health Center were constructed.
  • A 79-acre parcel of property in Emmet Township, on the Interstate 94 corridor several miles west of Interstate 69, was placed into Federal Trust on behalf of the Tribe. This property is now the home to the FireKeepers Casino & Hotel.
  • The Tribe divided the “Q” Avenue property into a north and south half, with 75 acres being placed into the USDA / NRCS Wetland Reserve program.


  • The Pine Creek Reservation is placed into Federal Trust, which resulted in finally establishing a truly sovereign homeland.
  • An 86-acre parcel, known as the “T” Drive property, was purchased. This property is adjacent to the reservation’s west boundary and contains a wealth of open land suited to agriculture and low lands for habitation restoration.


  • NHBP establishes its Police Department and hires its first Police Officers.


  • NHBP adopts a comprehensive 5-Year Strategic Plan for the Tribe, which establishes economic diversification as a primary objective.


  • The new LEED-certified Government Center opens on the Pine Creek Reservation.
  • The Department of Public Works Center opens.
  • The Health Center is expanded and is LEED certified.


  • New Athens Indian Church is completed June 24, 2014. This new church can accommodate up to 140 people in the sanctuary.


  • The Community Center and Justice Center buildings were renovated
  • Memorial Park was completed

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